At QA Bathrooms, we understand the importance of accessibility and comfort in every home. Our range of NDIS products, tailored for individuals with disabilities, ensures that every bathroom is a sanctuary of safety and ease. Sourced from leading suppliers, these products are designed with precision, keeping in mind the unique needs of our customers.


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Johnson Suisse

Stylish Look

Modular Design

About Metlam

Accessibility Champions

Metlam Australia is at the forefront of creating products that champion accessibility, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their physical abilities, can navigate their bathroom with ease.

Robust Construction

Built to last, Metlam's products boast a robust construction, ensuring they withstand the daily rigours of bathroom use while providing unwavering support.

Modern Aesthetics

Metlam seamlessly blends functionality with modern aesthetics, offering products that are not only practical but also elevate the overall look of any bathroom space.