DP5010HND Pill Shape Polished Edge Mirror with Hangers including demister



The DP5010HND Pill Shape Mirror from our Duke Range is made to fit your design, space and budget. These mirrors are backed by our 2 year warranty. The mirrors feature a commercial strength vinyl backing and features metal hangers for easy installation. The mirrors are copper-free and edge sealed to ensure the mirrors does not develop foil creep on the edge.

The Pill Shape Duke Mirror Series features a 14mm silver mirror with a polished edge. The DP5010HND mirror is 500mm wide and 1000mm high and can be mounted in the portrait and landscape position only.

Two of these mirrors are ideal for use above a double vanity.

The DP5010HND includes a mirror demister which is a thin heating pad that is installed behind the mirror to prevent the mirror from fogging up. For more details on mirror demisters click here. Please note the mirror demister is not attached to the mirror but is supplied as two separate components.

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Model Name Pill Shape Polished Edge Mirror with Hangers including demister
Model Number DP5010HND
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